Photo Thomas Ruff
Cactuses in Berlin

Arboretum Wolfsburg with inside and outside fern islands

Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Duesseldorf

working area Morick

garden next to the Donau River

ferngorges, ivyareas and grasterrasses in Basel

Schaffhauser Rheinweg in Basel

Köbogen in Duesseldorf

ivycarpet for the Königsallee

fernisland near Duesseldorf

dschungel-fruits over the Duesseldorf-Harbor

garden Andreas Gursky

hanging gardens in Munich

12 Central American traffic-islands in Duesseldorf-city

monkeys island

palmtrees on balcony

7 plant-islands – airport Duesseldorf

4 islands in Hamburg – plants over the tunnel

plantstripes and islands on Berliner Allee

garden Thomas Ruff

small dschungelisland between cars

swampbalcony in Berlin

my test areas